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Artists in Action

Saturday, May 26, 2007, 11am - 3pm.

Members of the Volcano Village Artist Hui are geared up again this year, sharing their unique creative skills in a variety of free demonstrations and workshops on the grounds of Volcano Garden Arts.

Be sure to add this event to your list of "must do" activities for the Memorial Day weekend. A great opportunity to join this dedicated group of first rate artisans while they demonstrate machine quilting, hand photo coloring, multi plate woodblock printing, the ancient art of Japanese paste paper, glass blowing, wood sculpture and throwing clay pots on a potter's wheel. Or satisfy that inner spirit and make a clay object or weave a small basket of your very own.

As in previous years, a delicious vegetarian lunch and snacks will be available. Participating artists will be Lisa Louise Adams, Mag Barnaby, Pam Barton, Mary Goodrich, Ira Ono, Mike and Misato Mortara, Zeke Israel, Randy Takaki and Erik Wold.

It was a smashing success!! Hundreds of people participated and enjoyed a wonderful day of art and creation. We plan to do it again next spring. Don't miss this annual event.

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